Android Apps For Cheaters: Must-Have List

The list of must-have Android apps for cheaters so that they never get caught. 

The technology of the 21st century made it much easier to find out that someone is cheating on us as  our devices, especially our phones, record almost each and every aspect of our life (including our wrongdoings).

An Android phone full of photos, messages, e-mails and movies can alone become the kiss of death for a relationship or marriage.

Today, however, we are going to the dark side and taking the side of cheaters for whom I have something special: 5 best practices regarding using your phone (not to get caught) and four best cheating apps for Android. Thanks to these practices and apps most of the cheaters will be able to successfully hide their affairs unless caught red-handed.

Part One:Four Android Apps for Cheaters

Below you will find a list of five best cheating apps for Android. These apps will help you hide your affair or get away with it unless you are caught red-handed.

Nevertheless, you must remember that an app is only an app and it can crash or stop working and you will be in trouble.  That’s why it’s best to also use the above 5 best practices and use apps as a last resort (if your spouse demands that you show him or her the content of your phone).

I have tested tens of cheating apps I found in various rankings. Unfortunately, most of them are of very poor quality and are loaded with tons of ads. They fail to block notifications or crash. Many of them have overlapping features, so I have chosen the  four best that will do all they need to do.

Hide Something – Photo, Video

Do you have naked photos of your mistress in gallery? You’d better hide them!

Hide Something is a very simple and useful app which simply lets you hide selected videos and photos. Here is what you need to do to start using this app:

  • Download and install app Hide Something from Google Play.
  • Define an unlock patter so that only you have access to the app.
  • Choose which photos or videos (or whole folders) you want to make invisible by simply selecting them and tapping on the ghost icon in the upper right corner.
Android Apps For Cheaters

Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

In a nutshell, the app lets you create your own private space to which you add specific contacts and where all messages or call logs from these contacts will be kept.

If you are in a hurry, you can quickly close your private space by shaking your phone.  What’s more you can even hide the icon of the app itself so that no one sees it in the app grid without typing a special password.

Here is how it works:

  • Download and install Private SMS & Call from Google Play.
  • Set up the app pass code, add your authorization e-mail and set Message Classic as a default messaging app (to support private messages so that they are not intercepted by other text messaging apps).
Android Apps For Cheaters

Import private contacts or add them manually. You can also set up the dummy message for the contact if it calls or texts you.

Adjust other settings for calls and text messages (there are really lots of them).

From now on you will be protected. The SMS and call logs between you and your private contacts will only be available once you open the app (and enter the pass code).

History Eraser – Privacy Clean

This is not strictly a cheating app but it will come in very useful for cheaters who want to remove all the evidence of their infidelity from their phone.

As the name suggests, History Eraser lets you quickly and easily erase all the history from your phone (call logs, messages, app data and others). Here is what you need to do:

  • Download and install History Eraser from Google Play.
  • Tick the categories you want to clean by tapping on CLEAN.
Cheating apps for Android

TIP: Remember that erasing history from your Android phone doesn’t mean it cannot be restored with the use of more advanced tools (and after rooting your phone). If you want to be safe, encrypt your phone and after erasing stuff fill its memory to the full multiple times.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

This is an all-in-one type of app which lets you hide and lock many items at once: photos, videos, SMS messages, contacts, apps, Faceboook messages.

It also offers cloud backup and a bunch of useful premium features like creating a fake Vault app, hiding the app entirely, security e-mails or catching spies in the act with a photo.  Here is what you need to do to start using the app:

  • Download and install Vault-Hide  from Google Play.
  • When opening the app for the first time, set up your password (a strong one).
  •  Adjust what you want to hide and protect (photos, videos, text messages, contacts, apps or Facebook messages).
Cheating apps for Android

As you have probably noticed all of these apps are free. Of course, there are many other paid Android apps for cheaters but these ones really do their job.

Remember that some of these apps have overlapping features (e.g. hiding text messages) so make sure you don’t use two apps for the same things because you may get into trouble if one or both apps crash and you will receive the notification you wanted to hide.

It’s best to protect the access to your phone by applying the 5 best practices I talk about in the second part of thsis utorial and using one or two of the cheating apps. Good luck!

Part Two: 5 Best Practices to Avoid Geting Caught

Cheating apps should be the last resort when your spouse demands that you show him or her your phone or if you both use the same device. In all other cases, these five practices should suffice.

Ready to discover what they are?

1. Always lock your device and adjust auto-lock settings accordingly.

One of the most important security practices (not only when we are talking about cheating) is to always keep your device locked.

  • Make sure that your device automatically locks after a certain period of time (after a few seconds is the best). Lock your device only with a password or fingerprint (if you have this feature built in).
Cheating apps for Android
  • Make sure that you can INSTANTLY lock it when needed (e.g. with the power button).
Cheating apps for Android

Most Android phones have a built-in feature called Smart Lock which prevents a phone from locking when a certain condition is met (e.g. a phone is in a certain trusted place or is paired with a trusted Bluetooth device). I suggest you never use Smart Lock if you are having an affair because you will increase the chance of getting caught multiple times!

2. Encrypt your phone and keep sensitive data on internal memory only.

This is again a very important security measure which also comes in very useful for cheaters.  If you encrypt your device (and protect it with a strong password), it will be virtually impossible for anyone to read its contents.  Here is how you encrypt your device:

  • Go to Settings > Security and under tab Encryption choose Encrypt phone.
Cheating apps for Android

Remember that during the encryption process your phone has to be fully charged and you cannot interrupt this process. Once you encrypt your phone, you can decrypt it only by restoring factory settings. Note that all devices running Android 6.0 are automatically encrypted so if you are running Marshmallow, you are already encrypted.

Another important thing is that you must keep the vulnerable content (e.g. photos or text messages) in internal memory which has been encrypted. What if you encrypt your phone but keep naked photos of your mistress  on the removable SD card? That would be shame.

3. Use strong passwords and two-step verification whenever possible.

This  is again an extremely important security measure for both cheaters and non-cheaters. Make sure that you use strong passwords for any type of account and, obviously, to lock your device.

Here is what you need to remember:

  • STRONG PASSWORD. Each password you use should be of at least 10 characters and include lowercase and uppercase letters, digits and special characters so that it’s impossible to guess.
  • TWO-STEP VERIFICATION. Remember to use two-step verification whenever possible. What if you super protect your phone when you don’t set two-step verification for your Facebook account or Gmail and your spouse reads all your messages from your desktop computer? That would be a really stupid mistake to make!

4. Manage notifications on screenlock.

Most Android phones by default show you the contents of notifications (including fragments of messages and their senders). Fortunately, Android gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to app notifications. Use it to your advantage!

Here is what I suggest you do:

  • Make sure that our device will either hide sensitive notification content or won’t show notifications at all when it’s locked. Go do Settings > Sounds & notification and choose When device is locked.
Cheating apps for Android
  • You can also easily manage notifications of certain apps by going to App notifications. If you talk with your mister or mistress mainly on, for example, Messenger, it’s a good idea to simply block notifications from this app.

You obviously remembered to turn on two-step verification for Facebook, did you?

5. Never use the real name of your mister or mistress in contacts.

This is probably the least sneaky and the simplest method to hide your affair but also the most effective one.

All you need to do is simply name your mistress or mistrer with a different name (of the opposite sex). Will your wife be jealous if your colleague, Tom, calls or texts you? I guess not!

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