Android App Killer. Do You Need One? And Which One?

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Here you will find the review of the most popular app killers for Android.

Killing apps has become quite a controversial topic. Many people use app killers on a daily basis believing that they improve their Droid's performance and battery life.

Others say this is useless because Android works differently than, for example, Windows and freeing RAM by killing apps doesn't effect the phone's performance.

In this article, we review a few Android app killers and discuss their  effectiveness.  Let's begin!

To Kill or Not to Kill?

Before downloading any app killer, it's a good idea to look at what both sides of the dispute say and decide which version we believe.

I've been using an Android app killer for quite a long time and I think it improves my phone's performance and battery life (this doesn't seem to be a placebo effect in the case of my phone). But let's see what others say:

What killers say

  • Android app killer kills processes running in the background thus releasing RAM memory and making your Android phone run faster
  • By doing the above you can improve the overall performance of the phone and battery life
  • Android app killers allow for killing or getting rid of unwanted apps or games (especially the ones which keep on displaying annoying ads)

What non-killers say

  • Android uses RAM differently than Windows and having RAM full is actually good
  • Android app killers only allow you to free memory but they don't offer information on the number of CPU cycles each app is using which is more important when it comes to the overall performance of your device
  • Killing apps may create problems as you may kill apps you need (e.g. a third-party  alarm clock which will not go off)

Let's Take a Look at the Most Popular Android App Killers

Advanced Task Killer

A very simple app without any extra features. Its only feature is to KILL selected apps. You turn it on, check the apps you want to kill and then press KILL selected apps.

I believe this is a kind of a placebo effect because if you run the app within a few minutes the list of apps to be killed will be as long as it was before you killed them.

Advanced Task Killer. Just before killing apps.
After killing apps but this is a short-time effect.

Advanced Task Manager

As the name suggests, this is a more advanced app killer for Android.

Not only does it show you the list of apps to be killed, but it also offers a few other features, such as, exit after kill, auto kill, regular kill and so on.  A great and extremely useful app if we are in the killers' camp.

You can download this app killer for Android here.

Android Assistant

I've already talked about that app a couple of times. Even if we don't see any sense in killing apps, we can use Android Assistant for other purposes. This is also a great app for monitoring your Android device (real-time CPU Info, RAM, Battery Info, ROM, SD card Space Info).

It  also offers a few great tools (save battery settings, cache cleaners, file manager, startup manager, batch installers, app backup and reset). It's  very effective in killing processes which can be sorted by MEM and  RTCPU processes. You can add  small widget Quick boost to your home-screen and kill apps with just one click.

Android Assistant. Management of processes.
Additional tools of Android Assistant.

You can download this app killer for Android here.

GO Power Master

This is also a more advanced app offering much more than just kill-app function. Its main purpose is to help you save battery and optimize your phone's performance.

This is also a very efficient Android app killer. You can display all apps or only apps running in the background. The app allows you for adding an intuitive widget to your homescreen and kill apps with just one tap.

GO Power Master
GO Power Master widget

You can download this app killer for Android here.

So Should You Use an App Killer?

To be honest, I am neither a killer nor a non-killer. I've been using  Android app killers for some time  and I don't that think killing apps is just a placebo effect.

This is at least my impression because when my phone slows down (after opening a few games and apps) just tapping on Quick Boost on the desktop helps to boost it.

What  I think is best is to use one or two more advanced Android app killers (e.g. Android Assistant) to monitor and optimize your device.You may try to kill apps and see if it really has any effect on your device. If it doesn't, don't waste your time.  

App killers may also be helpful in killing some unwanted app or game (not all Android apps and games are quality ones) which uses much of your CPU or displays annoying ads. However, in such a case, it's always best to uninstall such an app completely.

Your Feedback Is Important

What do you think about Android app killers for Android? Do you use them? Do you think they work or are just a waste of time? 

Tell me all about it by either leaving a comment in the comment box below or submit your own Android story (together with pictures!) and have it published as a webpage to this site. 

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