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Advertising, Promotion & Sponsorship 

Interested in sponsoring this website? Want to promote your own service/products through this website? Great choice! I have a lot to offer. 

InLoveWithAndroid.com has been around since 2012 and has been steadily been steadily growing since then.

This is one of the most popular niche Android websites on the Internet. It has more than 200 unique articles about Android, Android apps, Android games, Android Wear, reviews and much more.

This is an ideal place for advertising technology-related services or products. 

My Website's Stats

  • Two million people have already visited InLoveWithAndroid.com and it has generated millions of page views.
  • My website is visited by more than 80 000 unique visitors each month and generates more than 100 000 page views
  • 86% of its traffic is organic, which means it comes from Google. 
  • InLoveWithAndroid.com is found for more than 25K organic and highly-targeted Android-related keywords. 

Types Of Promotion

I am flexible and open to all your suggestions. However, the main types of advertising I offer include:

  • CPM/CPC advertising
  • Reviews
  • Sponsored articles

Whether I can offer you one or all of the above types of promotion depends on the type of the product/service you want to advertise.

I offer discount packages for those who wish to advertise on more than one of my websites.

Requirements & Submission

The purpose of InLoveWithAndroid.com is to provide excellent information and resources for Android users.

That is why I can promote only these websites/services/products which I feel will be of benefit to my  visitors.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in promotion or sponsorship, feel free to contact me or drop me an e-mail at inlovewithandroidcom (at) gmail.com. 

Make sure you give me basic information about your website/product/service (short description and the URL) and what type of advertising you are especially interested in.

Thank you!

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