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About InLoveWithAndroid.com & Olga

Hello and welcome to InLoveWithAndroid.com, the friendliest Android website on the Internet.  

I am Olga and I am the creator and owner of InLoveWithAndroid.com, a website all about Android and all for Android users.

Since 2012 the website has helped millions of Android users solve their problems, discover great apps & games and make the most of their devices. 

InLoveWithAndroid.com is number one niche website for less advanced users looking for tips, tricks and to-the-point tutorials.

Do you want to join the crowd of happy users of the website? Great! Let me tell you more about the website and me. 

Website Update

Please note that InLoveWithAndroid.com came into life in 2012, which means it's almost 5 years old.

I am currently updating all of the articles and rebuilding the website so that it meets all your needs and solves all of your problems.

I am planning to finish the update by end of August, 2017. It's a lot of work because this website has more than 200 articles.

Keep your fingers crossed for the update so that it goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

About InLoveWithAndroid.com

InLoveWithAndroid.com is both an informational and community site.

I am here to show you only the best stuff about Android and you help this website build a great community of Android users who can help one another.

The website is divided into 5 main sections (in each section you will find tens of articles): 

  • Android Apps where you will find lists of different kinds of Android apps (both free and paid). 
  • Android Games where you can expect to discover different kinds of Android games. 
  • Android Wear which is a section for those interested in smart watches and looking for apps, tips and tricks for Android Wear. 
  • Android Tips & Tricks where you will find hundreds of shorter and longer tutorials that will let you become a more advanced and aware Android user. 
  • Android Problems where you will find fixes to all the most common Android problems. 
  • New sections and articles will soon also be built. Please be patient. 

Need Help? Got A Question? Interested In Cooperation?

Are you experiencing a problem with your Android device? Do you want to learn more about me and my website?

  • If you have a specific problems, please post it in the comment box below the related article so that others can make use of my answer.
  • If you are interested in cooperation, guest posting or sponsoring this website, do not hesitate to contact me

Help Spread The Word About InLoveWithAndroid.com

I am doing my best to provide you with only the best stuff and to keep you entertained all the time.

However, this website can only exist thanks to you. You, after all, build its community. Will you help me spread the word about my website?

Here is what you can do: 

  • SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter (you can see the subscribe form in the sidebar on the right). 
  • LIKE this website on Facebook and share its fan page with friends. 
  • SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to see the short videos I upload from time to time
  • CONTACT ME if you are interested in cooperation or buying ad space. 

Have a great time here on InLoveWithAndroid.com. :)

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