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Smartphones are meant to function in numerous ways. They’re meant to take calls, send texts, connect to the web, browse and send email, play games, take and edit photos, play music, and so much more. 

We use smartphones every day as a small computing device that we can tote around and make everything easier for us. But the problem with having so many complex processes happening in a single computing device is that it takes a great deal of energy to power.

And the battery technology that we have hasn’t caught up yet to what else our smartphones can do. There’s only a finite amount of energy in a single battery, and everyone knows all too well the panic that we feel when we realize that there isn’t much juice left in our device to keep it working.

Of course, some of the most in demand models of business phone these days are ones that are sought out solely for their long battery life. A couple of Android phones from Motorola have been touted to have the longest battery life of any other smartphone in the market. Some phones even have power-saving software built in already. But for other people who make heavy demands of their smartphone and are hoping to have the battery last a little longer, here are some apps that can do the trick:

Snapdragon Battery Guru

Android Battery Apps: Snapdragon Battery Guru

Qualcomm has recently been enjoying the heavy popularity of their new Snapdragon BatteryGuru, which is one of the best power saving apps for Android smartphone owners. With over 100,000 downloads since its beta release, the Snapdragon will be released in full next week to users who are desperate to save some battery life.

By learning what exactly you do with your phone on a regular basis, the BatteryGuru will then come up with ways to optimize your battery life accordingly. It could manage the most commonly used apps as well as connect only to your most used wifi hotspots to save battery life.

Juice Defender

Android Battery Apps: Juice Defender

What could be a cute name for a smartphone game is actually a smartphone battery power saver with countless options. Available free in the Google Play store (but also comes with a Plus version for $1.99, and an Ultimate version for $4.99), it allows you to manage your data connections in order to save on power.

It also has multiple modes already preset into the app, so you can choose between “aggressive” and “balanced” modes to keep your battery usage under control. You can even set schedules on when these modes can activate, as well as which apps would be allowed to keep the screen on.

The paid versions of the apps will have even more profiles and customization options, with Ultimate also allowing you to set your peak hours and settings over the weekend.

Battery Defender

Android Battery Apps: Battery Defender

Like Juice Defender, Battery Defender has many features which are impressive for a free client. It allows you to view the precise battery percentage still available on your smartphone (for people who like to estimate exactly how much they use or how much they have left to use.

The percentage is found by reviewers to be far more accurate than what your device might actually tell you in the built-in function. It can give you access to memory-eating processes such as GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, and mobile data, and allow you to manage them in the best power-saving way. Genius Scan, another feature in the app, will sync your phone every 15 minutes. The app also has great adjustable “quiet sleeping” options for night.

Saving your battery power not only makes it more convenient for you when using your smartphone, but you’re also helping preserve the battery’s life by using just the amount you need.

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