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Access to education has never been more widespread and easier. Now, thanks to your Android device, you can learn anything you want anywhere and at any time.

However, the number of educational apps in Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Android is so great that it has become difficult to find the apps which are really worth your time and, in some cases, money.

But don't worry! I've already done the dirty job for you and found 10 best educational apps for your Android device. Are you ready to discover them?

Orrery (ca. $2.35)

Short description: Something just great for anyone interested in astronomy and fascinated by the universe. Orrery is a brilliant educational app for your device which lets you experience our solar system and visit its planets (in 3D view). You will explore the surfaces of Mercury, Venus, the Moon and Mars and orbit the rest of them. A unique learning experience for you and your kids accompanied by soothing background music.

What you will learn: many interesting facts about our solar system and its planets, how our solar system and its planets look (and where they are located)

Usefulness: very high

Stack the Countries (ca. $ 1.99)

Short description: Use your Android device to learn geography and astonish everyone with your knowledge about other countries. Stack the Countries is one of the best educational apps for your Kindle Fire which lets you learn all about 193 countries in the form of a funny and addictive game. You will discover capitals, landmarks, major cities, continents, languages, borders, flags and country shapes.

What you will learn: A most useful geography lesson where you will learn all the basic information about 193 countries in the world.

Usefulness: extreme

Learn Spanish with babbel.com (free)

Short description: The times when you had to go to the language school to learn a new language are gone forever. Now it's your Android Device's responsibility to teach you any foreign language you want. Since Spanish is the second most often used language in the world, you cannot do without Learn Spanish with babbel.com app which will let you learn Spanish (at different levels) from scratch.

What you will learn: Spanish vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation using a wide variety of interactive exercises.

Usefulness: extreme

myHomework Student Planner (free)

Short description: Planning, organizing and doing your homework has never been easier. This app will turn your Android Phone into your well-done homework center. It has features, such as, homework organizer, student planner, homework widget (so you can see your future tests or assignments on your home screen), class schedule and homework calendar.

Usefulness: very high

What you should know: The free version of the app contains ads and you need to create a free account to be able to use it.

Bible Memory: Remember Me (free)

Short description: Bible Memory: Remember Me is a free verse and quote memorization app that helps you memorize your favorite verses of the Bible (or from poems, speeches or any other source). The app comes with more than 150 verses from the Bible. You can manage your quotes grouped into New, Due and Known categories. To help you memorize stuff, you can make use of the text-to-speech option and use the flashcard feature.

What you will actually learn: The app helps you memorize any verse, quote, speech or vocabulary you want. It comes with 150 Bible verses.

What you should know: To be able to use and learn the above-mentioned 150 Bible Verses, you need to install them to SD memory at first.

Usefulness: high

Visual Anatomy (free)

Short description: It's time for the anatomy lesson you've been wanting so much. Thanks to Visual Anatomy app, you can learn about all the major organs and systems in your body and check your knowledge thanks to special quizzes. The app also offers a rotational 3D-view model of organs so that you can take a look at all the major organs from different angles.

What you will learn: how all major body organs look, basic information about all major body organs and systems

Usefulness: very high

 Fit Brains Trainer (free)

Short description: Why not use your Android device to significantly increase your brain's fitness? Fit Brains Trainer offers your 10 unique and scientifically-designed brain games (with different difficulty levels), personalized training sessions and visual tools to help you boost your brain's performance on a daily basis.

Usefulness: extreme as you will see your brain become sharper just after a few sessions

Graphing Calculator (free)

Short description: This is a must-have tool for anyone who has anything to do with math (especially school and college students). Graphing Calculator actually offers you five types of calculator: scientific calculator, graphing calculator, fraction calculator, algebra calculator and matrix calculator. It shows results as you type. Similar calculators cost about $50 but you can turn your Android device into one of the most advanced scientific calculators for free.

Usefulness: very high

How to Draw: Cartoon Characters (free)

Short description: This app is part of the "How to Draw" extensive app series where you can learn to draw almost anything. You can make most of this app if you use it on a tablet, so How to Draw: Cartoon Characters is a must-have for your Android device. As the name suggests, the Cartoon Characters part will teach you step by step how to draw the most popular cartoon characters so that they look really cool.

Usefulness: high

What you actually learn: Depending on the part of the How to Draw app series you will learn to draw almost anything as if you were a professional artist (or a very talented amateur).

ISS Detector Free

Short description: Another great app for both small and big fans of astronomy. This time you can use your Kindle Fire to look for the International Space Station or Iridium flares. The app will notify you a few minutes before a pass. ISS Detector Free will also make sure that the weather conditions are right so that you will indeed see the ISS.

Usefulness: high 

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