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Hi, I am Olga and I am a technology maniac.

I've been a fan of Android for many years and I cannot even count how many Android devices I currently have. 

I love discovering new tips, tricks & hacks for my Android device. Testing new apps and games is my small hobby I want to share with you here.

I've created this Android website to show you how to make the most of your Android device (whether it's a phone, a tablet or a smartwatch).

The sad truth is that an average Android phone or tablet owner uses only a few percent of their device's potential and does not know that their Android phone or tablet can help them improve nearly every aspect of their life.

I am here to show you tons of cool things you can do with your device and make your life easier and more fun. Let's begin!

Let Your Android Phone Improve Your Life

Yes, you can do that and all you need is this Androd blog (click here to learn more about 

Want to discover the lists of the best apps and games of different categories? How about the list of the best waterproof phones

Need some special tips & tricks to turn your Android device into any tool you need? How about simply having fun playing some funny games? 

Are you sure you are making the most of your Android Wear watch? Is there something else you would like to find here? 

No problem, just let me know. I am here to give you only the best stuff. Update has recently turned 9 and it's changing for you.

I am very happy to receive tons of your comments and messages every day. It's so great to see that you like my website. That's why I am now completely rebuilding and updating this website (and every single article you can find on it). 

Be patient and come back here every day to discover new cool stuff I created for you. I also invite you to check the SEO blog SEOSLY, a website about SEO created by an SEO expert. 

Android Apps

With millions of apps available in Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android, you can turn your device into any tool you need.

Let me show you the best Android apps of different categories together with direct download links and easy-to-follow instructions.

Website About Android: Android Apps


Android Games

Games are the most popular kind of apps for Android devices and you will also find tons of them both in the Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android.

Here you can discover the lists of the best Android games of different categories.

Website About Android: Android Games

Android Tips & Tricks

Want to add new and unique features to your Android phone? How about surprising your friends with a few cool and funny apps?

Want to install an alternative appstore on your device? Need to protect it against viruses and spyware.

Be sure not to miss Android tips & tricks.

Website About Android: Android Tips & Tricks


Android Wear

Are you thinking about buying an Android Wear watch? Already an owner of a smartwatch? Great!

Let me show you how to make the most of your watch, what apps to install on it, how to add new features & functions and a lot more.

You will find this and more in the Android Wear section of this website.

Website About Android: Android Wear

Android Problems

Are you experiencing some problems with your Android device? Has it become unresponsive?

Discover the most common Android problems and quick fixes to solve all your problems within minutes.

By the way, have you already checked Snapchat Spy app?

Website About Android: Android Problems


Android Blog

Do you want to me up-to-date with what's going on in the world of Android? Want to know what's now on this website? Great!

Make sure you follow the Android Blog and never miss a single new article.

Android Blog


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