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In this article you will disocver four top Android turn based games.

I guess you are a great fan of Android games if you are reading this article. Today I will be exploring yet another great genre of mobile games i.e. turn based games for Android.

Have you ever heard about them?

Do you know how addictive they are? Whatever your answer is, you must take a look at 4 great Android turn-based games I've selected for you! Ready?

Turn Based Racing

This is a really interesting game I came across by accident. As the name suggests, Turn Based Racing in a different type of racing game.

Your fast reflexes are not what counts most. Careful and strategic planning of where you car will go in each turn is.

There aren't any other racing games of this type available in Google Play. Whether you are fan of racing or a fan of turn based games, you will love this title.

Turn Based Racing
Turn Based Racing

Piratron Turn Based

This is another a bit less known but great turn based game for Android which is also a little brain-bending. 

Your task is to mach six colors and shapes into rows. You can play against your Facebook friends or other online players.

The game has really nice graphics, is rather simple and very addictive. What's more, you can chat with pirates from all over the world.

Piratron Turn Based
Piratron Turn Based

Medieval Wars: Strategy and Tactics

Are you a fan of history or a fan of strategy games? 

Medieval Wars: Strategy&Tactics is a great representative of turn based games for Android which lets you participate in the best-known  conflicts of the medieval Europe between the most ruthless conquerors (the Norman invasion, the Crusades, the Wars of the Roses and so on).

Your task is to lead the armies of France and England and try to win the biggest battles and wars of the Middle Ages. Are you ready to recreate a piece of history on your Android device?

Medieval Wars: Strategy&Tactics
Medieval Wars: Strategy&Tactics


Wanna play a nice turn based game but in a little bit different environment? Rebuild will be the best choice for you.

This time you enter the world of the survivors of zombie apocalypse and your task is to defend one building at a time (at first you have to reclaim in) against streams of zombie attacks and get your suvivors to work (scanvenge for food, rediscover technology, build houses and kill incoming zombie).

If you are a fan of strategy games, you will also love Rebuild.



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