Reviews of Android Apps

My honest and to-the-point reviews of Android apps I find especially interesting and useful. Follow along!

Are you looking for some quality Android apps and games? Do you want to avoid disappointment and try only the best stuff? No problem!

You probably know that I am an Android geek and looking for new apps and testing them is my biggest hobby. In this section you will find links to my own reviews of apps from different categories.

Note that I only review the apps I use and genuinely find useful and especially interesting.

If you are a developer and you want me to review your app, make sure that your app is a quality app. Otherwise, I won't be able to review it because what I value the most as a blogger is the satisfaction of my visitors.  Thanks for understanding!

Categories of Android Apps

In Google Play Android apps are divided into lots of different categories (sometimes it's easy to get lost). I simplified this division a bit and divided the apps I review into the following categories.

Under each category you will find apps I review with a short comment. If a given category is empty, it means I am still working on reviewing apps for it, so be patient and come back in a few days.

I am now in the process of building these reviews so the number of reviews you can find here now is rather small. Be small and come back in a few days to discover new reviews. 

Android Wear

The reviews of the best apps for Android Wear watches.

  • SoundSip. My review of one of the best audio-recording apps for Android Wear.


In the modern world productivity is one of your biggest assets. You can surely improve it with one of the below productivity apps.

  • Productivity Challenge Timer. A great productivity app for those who want to improve their work habits as much as possible.


Are you a business person? Take a look at the below business apps. You will certainly find something useful.


Want to expand your knowledge and learn new stuff? Try one of these apps out.


Want to use your smartphone for entertainment? Good choice. Take a look at these apps.

Health & Fitness

Your health and fitness should always be your priorities, so don't skip these apps.


Lifestyle apps are one of the most interesting and addictive apps. Take a look at my favorite collection!


If you want to make your phone truly yours and yours only, you might want to use one of the below personalization apps.


Even though in Google Play security is not a separate category, it is here. That's because the security of your smartphone and your data should be your number one priority. 


Do you want to turn your Android phone into some useful tool? No problem! Check my favorite tools.

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