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If users could have all the applications available on the Google Play Store installed on their phones, they would certainly go for it. The thing is, managing applications on your smartphone or tablet is a lot of work and you will also have to consider the total capacity of your smartphone.

You might be able to download and install the applications you want but maximizing the storage capacity of your phone may cause it to slow down or break down. This is why it is important that you know how to wisely choose the Android applications that are worth the space in your phone. To help you figure this out, here are some of the best Android apps you must have.


All you need is a phone number and you can then sign up for an account on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a user-friendly chatting application that lets users get in touch with their friends and family without any hassle. It is as efficient as a VoIP service. Sharing multi-media files like audio, video and photos is quick and easy with WhatsApp.

There are so many chatting applications out there but what makes WhatsApp different from others is the level of security it offers to its users. Unlike with other applications where random people can send you messages as long as they know your username, WhatsApp requires other users to know and have your phone number before they can send you any message or file. You certainly wouldn't want to hear from strangers so WhatsApp is really the way to go.

Android Assistant

If you are a bit obsessive-compulsive and feel the need to know everything that goes on with your phone then the Android Assistant should be part of your apps herd. This Android application is able to monitor all activity on your phone. It also keeps you updated with your storage capacity status, memory card information and even battery usage.

For Android users who are having issues with the speed of their phones, Android Assistant also has a quick boost feature which aims to work on the efficiency and performance of your smartphone. Aside from these amazing features, Android Assistant also gives you the chance to clear your system files, manage your smartphone's volume level and even swiftly transfer files from your phone's memory to a memory card or vice versa.

The best thing about this app is that it’s free. No need to spend on expensive applications to manage your phone. With Android Assistant, you are able to maximize your device's potential without having to spend a dime.

Android AVG Anti-virus

If there is one thing that Apple devices can be proud of, it would be the fact that they are less prone to viruses and other malicious attacks. Android is well aware of this so they took the necessary steps to step up their game and partnered with one of the most trusted anti-virus programs in the world which is AVG.

AVG then came out with the Android AVG antivirus which is currently one of the must-haves for Android users. Desktop computers and laptops are not the only devices that need protection from viruses, trojans, malware or spyware—even your smartphone need to be protected from these dark forces, too.

It’s a good thing that there is Android AVG anti-virus which strengthens your system and shields it from any potential attacks. The truth is that you can choose any mobile anti-virus program available on the market today but if you want to really feel safe and protected, going for the Android AVG antivirus is the smartest thing you can do.

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