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Here you will discover some great Android simulation games.

Are you a fan of Android games? Are you addicted to your Android device? Well, I am and I know how it feels to play some great game and totally forget about the outside world.

Do you know what kind of games will make you forget about the whole world? Life simulation games for Android! In this article I will show your their four best representatives.

Monster Life

This is undoubtedly a must-have simulation game for Android. I love Gameloft's games but I somehow didn't play this one until a few days ago. Monster Life is a game in which you will discover the magical world of small and cute monsters living on the islands of Numa.

The islands were attacked by the Chaos but, fortunately, a young monster keeper managed to save them. Now it's all up to you as you are a newbie monster keeper. You have to learn how to train and breed your monsters and build their kingdom. Will you do that?

These monsters are really cute!

Monster Life - Simulation games for Android
Monster Life - Simulation games for Android

Sheep and Clouds

This is also a great representative of life simulation games for Android. In comparison to the game above, Sheep and Clouds is really simple.

All you have to do is take care of your fluffy and sweet herd of sheep. Unfortunately, they  are not very smart so you have to watch them all the time because there are many dangers awaiting for them, such as, poisonous mushroom, thunderclouds or heatstroke.

Your task is to keep them safe, happy and entertained. Will you?

Sheep and Clouds - Simulation games for Android

Fluff Friends Rescue

This is also a great Android life simulation game everyone will love. At first I thought this will be another strategy-like game but I was wrong. Fluff Friends Rescue is an adorable Android game in which you have to design, grow and build your pet rescue.

Your task is to look for and find lost pets and take them to the vet for a check-up, then for a bath and nurture them until they find their new home. You will come across lots of different and extremely sweet pets!

Fluff Friends Rescue - Simulation games for Android
Fluff Friends Rescue - Simulation games for Android

Hard Time (Prison Sim)

This is another must-have among life simulation games for Android. This time the simulation takes place in... prison. And this time you have a chance to create your own inmate and try to survive behind bars.

Depending on your sentence, you will find yourself in different facilities with different (interactive) objects, fellow inmates and security guards. If you like GTA and the freedom it gives to do what you want (i.e. beat other people or kill them), you will love that game too!

Hard Time - Simulation games for Android
Hard Time - Simulation games for Android


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