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Your mini-guide of how to get rid of unwanted apps.

If you want to keep your Android device in a good condition, you must take pretty good care of it. One of your Android "duties" is proper management of apps. 

It is generally advisable that if you don't use a given app or game or if it creates some problems (e.g. slower response of your Android device, shortened battery life etc.), you should uninstall it.

On this page, you will learn how to do it in easy and quick ways.

Three Ways of How to Uninstall Android Apps

Simply use Easy Uninstaller 

Easy Uninstaller makes the whole process of uninstalling Android apps or Android games a snap. All you have to do is just check the app you desire to uninstall and press Uninstall Selected Apps. It's especially useful if you want to uninstall a few apps at the same time.

Easy Uninstaller. Easy way of uninstalling Android games and apps.

You may also see my video on how to uninstall apps using Easy Uninstaller:

Use the pretty solid default app manager

Just go to Settings > Apps to manage apps and notifications. If you want to uninstall or move some apps to, for example, SD memory, go to Settings > Storage > Make more space.

This is a very solid feature. You can do without installing any third party apps.

Which app should we uninstall?
Uninstalling app on Android device.

Use one of many apps which let you manage installed Android apps or games

One of such apps is Android App Manager, a free multi-function app. It displays the list of all apps. After you check an app, you will be given a choice to remove or back it up.

Apart from app management, you can also erase history (e.g. call and sms logs), view system information (detailed information on battery, RAM, internal storage, external storage, CPU status etc.) and change many settings of your device (e.g.  sound, display, location services and so on).

Android App Manager.
Android App Manager. Clearing logs.

Where to Look For Other Apps for Android?

You already know how to uninstall apps. However, most often you will install them, rather than get rid of them. That's why you should know that you have at least three great and totally secure sources of tons of apps  for your device:

  • This site where you have reviews and recommendations for hundreds of the best Android apps and Android games together with a direct link to them in the Google Store
  • Google Play
  • Amazon Appstore for Android

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