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On this page you can subscribe to our free Hot Android Stuff Newsletter and, as my subscriber, receive two gifts!

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Are you in love with Android but there is simply too much news and information about it to stay focused on what's important?

Would you like to know whenever an interesting app or game appears? Whenever there is a system update? Or would you like to receive small Android tips and tricks from time to time? 

No problem! I will handle this for you. What's more, I will do it with  the greatest pleasure of the greatest Android geek of all time! :) 

All you need to do is subscribe to my newsletter "Hot Android Stuff" (on the right.)  Don't worry, I will use your e-mail only to send you the newsletter (not more often than once a week.)

If you subscribe you will receive the GIFT (more details below.) The newsletter will be issued regularly as soon as the number of subscribers reaches 1000 (we're getting close)! 

The GIFTS you will receive if you subscribe

Receiving a newsletter with all the news on the site and interesting tips and tricks on Android is just part of all the fun. I've also got  two great gifts for you:

GIFT ONE: As my subscriber, you will gain access to the list of must-have apps which will let you customize and optimize your device.

apps for Android

With the number of my subscribers constantly growing, I decided that from now on each and every new subscriber will receive yet another gift i.e. access to the unique list of must have Android apps. The list is still being compiled and it will be available as soon as the numbers of subscribers reaches 1000 (we're getting close!).

These must have Android apps include:

  • apps which will let you best optimize and personalize your Android device

  • apps which will let you secure your device from unwanted access or theft

  • apps helpful in time management and productivity (something of utmost value nowadays!)

  • apps to which you will get totally addicted

  • a few great free games you will love

  • and much more!

GIFT TWO: As my subscriber, you will receive notifications of free apps of the Day in the Amazon AppStore for Android.

Amazon AppStore for Android is famous for its free apps of the day. These are paid apps which you can have for free on a given day. 

Sometimes these are really great apps, sometimes not. It's my job to watch for the best and notify you (via e-mail) together with a direct link to the app whenever it appears.

How Android Gifts!

Don't hesitate. Just SUBSCRIBE.

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