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In this article, we are dealing with the most common problems with flashlight Android apps.

Thousands (if not millions) of cool Android apps allow us to make most of our Droids in ways we had never thought possible (before the era of Smartphone, of course). 

One of such ways is turning our Android phone into a multi-function torch. This is possible thanks to hundreds of flashlight Android apps available.

Even though flashlight apps are generally great and very useful, they sometimes create problems and instead of facilitating our lives become a real pain in the neck.  

Don't worry, though. InLoveWithAndroid.com is here to help you, so in this article we will deal with the most common flashlight Android app problems, offer possible solutions and review a few best flashlight apps. Let's begin!

Flashlight Android App Problem

Symptoms of Flashlight App Problem

The most often symptoms of problems with flashlight apps include:

  • One or more flashlight apps installed simply don't turn the flash on. They seem to work perfectly, but no flashlight comes from our Android device.
  • One or more flashlight apps crash after installing so there is not even a chance to check if they really work.
  • Generally, a  flashlight app works but some of its specific options (e.g. Morse code) don't.

Possible Solutions

There may be at least a few reasons for problems with flashlight Android apps.

I tested about 10 different Android phones with this problem and this is what I came up with:

Use an in-built flashlight app

If you have an in-built flashlight app, it's better to use it because a third-party flashlight app may interfere with the stock app. An in-built flashlight app almost never creates any problems. Here, you can see how an in-built flashlight app for my HTC One X looks like:

As you can see, this stock version of flashlight is not packed with tons of additional option,s but for me it's enough. I need a torch, not tons of light effects.

Update your Android or look for an app which supports your Android version

Some flashlight apps will not work on older Android versions (e.g. 1.5, 1.6, 2.0). When installing a new flashlight app, check in its description if it supports your version of Android.

This is how you can check your Android version (it may vary a little bit depending on the kind of Android phone you have).

Remember that it will be the best if you could have the latest Android version for phones installed. 

Try a different app

It may happen that some app simply won't run on your device for no apparent reason. In such a case I always suggest trying a different app instead of looking for reasons (and wasting time) why THIS app doesn't work.

Make sure that LED is checked in your flashlight app settings

In some apps you have to specifically check LED if you want it to turn LED on. That's why if there are Settings in your flashlight app, look for LED settings and check LED.

Don't use many flashlight Android apps simultaneously

Your device may go crazy if you install, let's say, 10 flashlight apps. Choose one (definitely not more than two).

Restart your phone

Simple as it seems in most cases this solves most problems with Android.  Here you can see my short video on how to restart your phone:

A few Solid Flashlight Apps for Android

Tiny Flashlight + LED

This should be the first pick. This app worked perfectly on all of my devices. The app has a few nice features, such as, camera LED flashlight, screen light, warning lights, police lights, color flashlight, morse code, brightness adjustment, home screen widgets and so on. On the screenshots below, you can see how the app looks:

Tiny Flashlight + LED. A nice app!
Tiny Flashlight + LED. So many options available.

Torch New Generation

This flashlight app worked on devices on which other apps failed to work (especially Samsung devices). Just after turning it on, you have to select your device. It's funny but this app doesn't work on my HTC One X device.

Torch New Generation. A good flashlight for Android.
But no matter what I do it doesn't work with my phone :)

Brightest Flashlight Free

The app's supposed to turn on  all available lights on your device (camera flash LED, screen brightness, keyboard backlight and so on). The app is very simple. It may be useful in some situation but I guess this will quickly make your battery run low, so use it wisely.

This is how this app looks. You have to bright screen with a few options.
This is how this app looks. You have to bright screen with a few options.


A very simple flashlight app. A great choice if you don't have an in-built app of this type and you don't need all the extra features like the ones which Tiny Flashlight + LED offers.

Flashlight. The best replacement for in-built flashlight Android app.
And it works!

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