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Here you will discover the best camera app for your Android device.

Every Android phone has a camera with some in-built camera app. Most Android users love the stock camera app in their phones but others want to make most of the camera and look for some additional camera apps.  

In this article, I will talk about three such apps so that you will be able to choose the best camera app for you and take the greatest photos ever.

Camera MX

This is without doubt one of the best Android camera apps. This app lets you take photos and shoot videos,  then  edit, organize and share them (via Facebook, Twitter or Flickr). It has two very interesting features:

  • Taking photos and applying effects in real time. This feature  allows you to  apply or browse through different effects and photo frames  while taking photos.  There are more than 20 real-time photo effects,  such as, Color Splash, Pop Art, Black & White, Sepia, Vitage Lomo and so on.

  • Advanced edition of photos and videos. Camera MX is not only a camera app but also a great photo editing app. You can edit your shots and adjust settings, such as, brightness, contrast, saturation, white etc. What's more you can also combine your photos into slideshows and even add music to them.


  • Really amazing effects
  • Available in the free version containing most of the features


  • Heavyweight
  • The camera doesn't run smoothly when you apply effects and the phone REALLY heats up
The Best Android Camera App: Camera MX
The Best Android Camera App: Camera MX
The Best Android Camera App: Camera MX

VERDICT: This is a great app if you are looking for some interesting effects. If you want to take regular photos, the stock app will do.

FX Camera

This is another great and extremely popular Android camera app. This one, however, is supposed to help you get even more creative.  FxCamera offers you 40 unique photo filters which will let you customize your photos in absolutely any way you want. What's special about it?

  • Charity Project. An interesting thing is that if you share one photo taken with this app, FxCamera will donate a penny to Japan Water Forum. By using this app, you can actually contribute to bringing clean water to everyone.

  • 6 Different FiltersThe app allows you to apply six different kinds of filters, such as, Instant, Fisheye, Symmetric, Poster, Toycam and Normal + and further adjust the effects you obtain.


  • You apply the effects just after taking the photo, which is much more lightweight for the system (in comparison to real-time effects of Camera MX).

  • Great variety of effects


  • The screen for taking photos seems too simple
The Best Android Camera App: FX Camera
The Best Android Camera App: FX Camera
The Best Android Camera App: FX Camera

VERDICT: Another great app if you are interested in applying various effects to your photos.

Pro Capture

ProCapture also qualifies as one of the best Android camera apps. The app offers a wide range of advanced camera shooting features and modes, such as, Panorama, Wide Shot, Burst, Timer or Reduced Noise. However, if you want to have access to high resolution photos and touch-to-focus features, you have to buy the full version.

  • Advanced Panorama Mode. The app offers an advanced panorama mode which allows for combining up to 12 photos to have a HD panoramic image. The image you will receive will be really impressive.

  • Reduced Noise. In this mode two pictures are captured and combined  to reduce the camera noise by as much as 30%


  • Advanced Panorama Mode is really impressive and offers the best quality pictures in comparison to other camera apps


  • To really make use of these features, you need to buy the full version.
The Best Android Camera App: Pro Capture
The Best Android Camera App: Pro Capture
The Best Android Camera App: Pro Capture

VERDICT: A great app if you are ready to pay for the full version.


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