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This is the place where you will discover different kinds of Android apps and find something just for yourself.

Even though Android is the world's most popular mobile platform and the number of apps available for it is really huge (more than 700 million!), many of its users remain unaware of what their devices are capable of.

On the other hand, many others feel overwhelmed by this number and get lost in all kinds of rankings containing thousands of arguably the best Andoid apps.

Don't worry, though! You're just in the right place. I'm an Android enthusiast and I deal with Android stuff on a daily basis. I created this site to show you how to make most of your Android device and how to find the best stuff for it. Not only will you save your time, but also... money.

So six back, relax and let me take you for a journey where I'll be your apps guide! :)

3 Places to Look for Android Apps

There are hundreds of different and very often suspicious sites with apps for Android. Many of them contain malicious software which will only harm your device and your... wallet. If you want to be 100% safe, you should look for new apps only in these three huge sources:

Amazon Appstore for Android

apps for Android

This is a great place for both Kindle users and users of all Android devices. In Amazon Appstore for Android, many paid apps are at discount prices or even for free (e.g. the free app of the day.)

Amazon made the whole process of buying and installing apps really easy. All you need to do is install (for free) Amazon Appstore to your device. You can install it upon buying the first item from any device.

Google Play

This is the greatest source of apps whose number is over 700 000! Google Play made the whole process of installing new apps very easy and quick.

You can download and install new Android apps either using your device or directly from your computer. 


apps for Android

As you probably know by now I am a full time Android enthusiast. This site is the place where I share the best stuff from both the Amazon Appstore for Android and Google Play.  

I've tested hundreds of apps already so you can be sure that what I present here are quality apps and games you will most likely enjoy (unless they aren't your taste.)

Discounts & Bargains for You

Android bargains

On both Google Play and Amazon there are very often various discounts and bargains. Amazon is famous for its free app of the day (every day one paid app is available for free.)   

As an Amazon Associate and, in fact, Amazon addict, I became a kind of a small specialist for finding the best bargains. I spend about an hour a day browsing Amazon and Google play in search of PEARLS.  I present these pearls throughout the whole site. 

If you want to be up-to-date with the best bargains and deals, remember to subscribe to my Hot Android Gifts newsletter (on the right at the top). I'll send you the newsletter (not more often than once a week) and if any great deal appears, I will send you a short BARGAIN notice just to let you know.

A Few Must-Haves to Get You Started

Android Apps

In the Google Play alone there are 30 categories of apps. Someone once said that "there is an app for everything." And this is SO true. Tastes, likes and dislikes are so diverse that it's near to impossible to present the apps all of my visitors will love.  

However,  I've done some research, some writing, some tests and compiled a few articles presenting the apps which will come in very useful for practically anyone. If you want to enhance your daily life and take better care of your Android device, don't miss any of the below articles which will let you:

A Few of My Personal Everyday Life Enhancers

There is an app for everything and I have an app for everything too. :) I could compile a book describing the apps I use or once used to enhance my everyday life.

However, I decided to choose 3 apps I use most frequently and without which I couldn't live. If you don't know them yet, you're going to find them extremely useful.

Alarm Clock Extreme to Become an Early Riser

Of course each and every phone has an alarm clock in it, but this one is different. Do you have problems with getting up? Well, I do or... I did until I started using  Alarm Clock Extreme.

What makes this app so great is that if you want to turn off your alarm clock or activate a snooze, you have to solve math problems. Once you solve them, you will be wide awake.

MDScan Lite to Turn Your Device into A Professional Scanner

This is a multipage document scanner for mobile devices equipped with a photo camera. Once you scan a document, you can save it and send as either a JPEG image or PDF file.

The app practically does everything for you. All you have to do is just take a shot. If you are taking a shot of a sheet of paper lying on the floor, the app will trim the shot so that the whole document will be black & white with no signs of the floor! :)

Pulse News to Read All the Newspapers in One Place

I love reading newspapers but I don't have time to traditional regular ones and usually want to read stuff from different topics. And this is the app which allows me to do so.

Pulse News is a very friendly and simply beautiful reader which lets you browse through headlines of practically all the newspapers in the world according to the categories of your interest.  

Are You Looking for More App Suggestions?

If you want to discover even more great apps, here is a great list of "Kindle Fire Apps" from my favorite site LoveMyFire.Com which is all about the coolest Android tablet on Earth i.e. the Amazon Kindle Fire. 

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