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This is your place to discover the best ship pirate games for your Android device.

Do you like to play different genres of Android games? Have you ever played ship pirate games on your computer? As you probably know by now I am a full time Android enthusiast who loves discovering and playing new games (Android games, in particular.)

In this article I'll show you Android ship pirate games, a genre a bit neglected and certainly not appreciated enough.

Are you ready to discover a few representatives of the most addictive games for Android?

Coin Pirates

This is a very simple (yet highly addictive) game which will run of most Android devices (even older ones). Coin Pirates has been named as one of the best slot-machine and coin-pusher type of games.

Your task is to drop gold coins onto the ship deck (which keeps moving back and forth) in order to push for treasure treats and incredible surprises.

Main features:

  • FREE!
  • nice 3D graphics
  • authentic sound effects
  • simple and lightweight (will probably run on most devices)
Android Ship Pirate Games: Coin Pirates
Android Ship Pirate Games: Coin Pirates

Pirates of the Carribean

Are you ready to join the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean? This is certainly a must-have among Android ship pirate games.

This time you have  a chance to become a real pirate, create your own ship, build your crew, win battles and complete quests.  Pirates of the Caribbean is a great game in terms of graphics as well as gameplay.  

Main features:

  • FREE!
  • stunning 3D graphics
  • great variety of cannons, weapons and other equipment
  • beautiful exotic islands you're about to explore
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Pirates of the Carribean
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Pirates of the Carribean

Playmobil Pirates

This will most probably be one of your best pirate experiences ever. In Playmobil Pirates your task is again to build your own pirate camp  which you will have to defend with the crew you also build.

During the game you will have to complete tens of missions though 100 levels.  What's also interesting is that the game takes place both on land and on sea.

Main features:

  • FREE but there are additional game items you can purchase with real money
  • amazing 3G graphics
  • the game is rather heavyweight and will run on devices with Android 2.3 and up
  • really heats my phone up
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Playmobil Pirates
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Playmobil Pirates

Pirates and Traders

This is another pearl among Android ship pirate games. Again, you are a sailor sailing somewhere in the Caribbean. This time, however, you have a choice who you want to be.

Do you want to be a peaceful trader just sailing across islands with goods? Or maybe you will want to become a vicious and brutal pirate who will fight with anyone who stands on his way? The choice is yours.

Main features:

  • nice graphics
  • a classic RPG game
  • 3 aptitudes and 20+ skills
  • 20 historical ships available
  • possibility of customizing and improving your own ship
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Pirates and Traders
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Pirates and Traders

Pirates! Showdown

This is a classic representative of Android ship pirate games combining real-time strategy and defense tactics. In this game you don't have much time plan your tactics as you jump into the battle right away.

In Pirates! Showdown your task is to fight against Red Hand privateers and, at the same time, strengthen and defense your base. Can you do that?

Main features:

  • paid
  • instant action RTS
  • 5 levels in three worlds
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Pirates! Showdown
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Pirates! Showdown

Fish vs Pirates

Even though this isn't a pure ship pirate game, the game is so much fun that anyone should have it.  Your task is to place different types of fish to battle incoming waves of pirate fish.

Fish vs Pirates is a bit similar to many Android tower defense games even though there are no towers to defend, but mermaids.

Main features:

  • FREE!
  • nice  carton 2D graphics
  • funny sounds
  • 40 challenging levels
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Fish and Pirates
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Fish and Pirates

Pirate Mysteries

Last but certainly not least. This game is "a tale of Monkeys, Masks and Hidden Objects." This is both pirate and hidden object type of game.

Your task is to explore unknown lands with your possessed father who always wanted to become a pirate. Are you ready to meet unique characters and solve ancient riddles?

Main features:

  • FREE!
  • funny story line
  • 30 unique locations to explore
  • many strange and unique characters on your way
  • 10 mini puzzle games
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Pirate Mysteries
Android Ship Pirate Games:  Pirate Mysteries

And What Are Your Favorite Android Ship Pirate Games?

Are you a fan of ship pirate games too? If you are, why don't you share your favorite games with me?

You can either leave a comment in the comment box below or submit your own Android story and have it published as a webpage to this site. The floor's yours.


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