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Here you will discover the best logic Android games of all time.

If you are a fan of Android games in general, you are most probably also a fan of logic games for Android. Even though their number is not so great (compared to, for example, action games), there are some clear must-haves.

Wondering  which ones are these? Stop wondering and get ready to discover great logic Android  games  I am about to show you.

The Room

This game is a recent discovery of mine and I must say this is one of the best  logic Android games I've ever played. The whole game takes place in one room and your task is to open the box that's in this room.

It may sound a bit simple... but to open the box you must solve a number of different, intricate and mysterious puzzles, such as, deciphering codes, finding secret keys, sliding panels or matching symbols. Are you ready for a really brainstorming experience?


Logic Games for Android: The Room
Logic Games for Android: The Room

Magic Puzzles

Did you use to play puzzle games in your childhood? I was addicted to these games. It's so great that now I can play them on my Android device whenever I want and wherever I am.

As the name suggests, Magic Puzzles is a classic puzzle game for Android  in which you have a wide collection of breathtaking jigsaw puzzles (more than 80 sets of puzzles with a total of more than 600 pictures). It's more fun than playing real jigsaw puzzle.

Logic Games for Android: Magic Puzzles
Logic Games for Android: Magic Puzzles

Amazing Alex

This is a relatively new game from the creators of Angry Birds. This time you have a chance to meet Amazing Alex, a kid totally different than others. Alex has a really great imagination and his house is full of toys, furniture and equipment which he uses to create astounding chain reactions.

Now it's time you helped him with the most advanced projects. Are you ready for the challenge?


Logic Games for Android: Amazing Alex
Logic Games for Android: Amazing Alex

Bad Piggies

That's another game from the creator of Angry Birds I am talking about in this article. This time you have a chance to look at things from the pig's point of view and create the ultimate machine (which will fly, roll, spin, crawl or crash) and steer  the pigs to.. the eggs. You have 120 levels to complete so make sure you have a lot of time for this game!


Logic Games for Android: Bag Piggies
Logic Games for Android: Bag Piggies

Bridge Constructor

There are many games of this type on Android Market but this one clearly stands out. That's one of the best Android logic games of all time. Your land was hit by a horrible earthquake.

 You are a bridge builder (without any formal education) and your task is build bridges all over the land struck. You will have to build bridges over valleys, canals or rivers using a wide range of materials, such as, steel, wood or cables. You will have more fun playing that game than you think.

Logic Games for Android: Bridge Constructor
Logic Games for Android: Bridge Constructor

Want to Discover Even More Great Android Games?

Did you like these games for Android? Have you even played any of them? Do you think something should be added to this list?

Let me know and leave a comment or discover even more great games for Android devices (see the list on the right).


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