Which Android Keyboard Will Be the Best for You?

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Here you will discover four alternative keyboards for Android and choose the best one for you.

The beauty of Android is that it's highly customizable and that it gives you enormous freedom to do with it whatever you want. Changing the standard keyboard is one of such things. 

If you text a lot or tend to make a lot of typos,  you should think about changing the stock keyboard for something more advanced or, even, better. That's why in this article I'll show you for best alternative Android keyboards. 

Four Great Alternative Keyboards for Android

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

This is the winner, in my opinion. This keyboard is highly customizable and offers a variety of settings.  I type very fast.  When I used the standard Android keyboard, I made tons of typos. Thanks to this keyboard, practically all my typos are corrected and I can type even faster.

Its main features include:

  • nice-looking, intuitive themes to choose from
  • comfortable (ideal size at least for me and my HTC One X)
  • a ton of different settings and personalization features
  • it gives much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards 
  • it learns the words and phrases you use (it can learn them from SMS,  e-mail, Twitter etc.)
  • it supports all languages
  • it contains nice statistics e.g.  number of typos corrected (in my case it's 7689 within two weeks, which makes me 41% more efficient at typing  thanks to this keyboard)
  • this is a paid keyboard

Here are some screenshots:

Alternative Android Keyboard: SwiftKey Keyboard
SwiftKey keyboard for Android. Neon theme.
SwiftKey keyboard for Android. Dark theme.

In this short video, you can see SwifKey Keyboard.

You can buy the full version or download the trial here.

GO Keyboard

All GO apps are great and GO keyboard isn't an exception. I don't use it only because I got used to SwiftKey 3 but I think both of these keyboards are great (if not the greatest.)

Main features of GO Keyboard:

  • it contains predictions in multiple languages
  • it has the version designed especially for tablets (GO Keyboard Pad)
  • smart engine for predictions
  • support for Emoji
  • more than 60 themes available
  • auto-memory and auto-correct 
  • support of slide input
  • highly customizable
  • very user-friendly wizard after running it for the first time
  • this keyboard is free!
Alternative Android Keyboard: GO Keyboard
GO keyboard for Android. Setting wizard.

You can download this keyboard here.

SlideIT Keyboard

A good Android keyboard with many positive reviews. By design this keyboard is for slide input.

Its main features include:

  • smart predictions and disambiguation
  • more than 60 themes available
  • highly customizable
  • speech-to-text feature
  • it contains over 45 language packs
  • available in free and paid version

This is how this keyboard looks:

This is how SlideIT keyboard for Android looks!

You can download this keyboard for Android here.

A.l. type Keyboard Free

I came across this keyboard by accident. This is certainly an interesting alternative but it may take some time to get used to it.

Typing may be difficult (at least in the beginning) in the landscape mode (see the screenshot below to see how this keyboard looks in the landscape mode).

Its main features include:

  • auto-suggestion and auto-correction
  • the keyboard learns and improves its text prediction
  • it's highly customizable (you can change colors, themes, fonts etc.)
    - support for over 35 languages
  • it warns you when it wants to correct text!
  • free

Here are some screenshots for you:

A.l.type Keyboard in the landscape mode.
A.l.type Keyboard for Android seems better in the portrait mode.
Doesn't it?

You can download this keyboard for Android here.

How to Replace the Standard Android Keyboard With a Third Party Keyboard

Switching from the default keyboard to an alternative one is really simple. You can do this in these simple steps:

  • download and install the keyboard you want to use (if you don't know how to install new apps, check this short article on how to install Android apps)
  • open the keyboard app and (if available) do everything the app asks you to do (e.g. accept terms of use, or go through the wizard)
  • to be sure the new keyboard is in use, go to Settings > Language & Keyboard and then activate the keyboard you want to use
  • enjoy your new keyboard
In Settings, choose Language & keyboard
Then activate the keyboard of your choice. Done!

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