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Here you will discover some of the best Android games of different genres and find something just for yourself. 

Games have always been the most addictive and fascinating form of entertainment.

This isn't different in the case of Android games whose number in the Google Play alone is so great that it's become very hard to find THE game we're looking for (there are tons of crappy games, too.)

Fortunately, there are sites like this one (InLoveWithAndroid.Com) where its creator (me!) does the dirty job by testing hundreds of apps & games and selects and presents only the best ones.  

So... sit back, relax and let me take you for the journey though different genres of Android games, a journey of exploration, fascination and, most of all, fun. Turn your device on and let's start!

Ready to discover the best Android games?

A Few Tips on Installing New Games

Before you download and install any new game for your Android device, make sure you read these simple (but most useful) tips.

  • Many games are really heavyweight (some even more than 1 GB) so it's always best to download them via WiFi (to avoid additional charges when using Mobile Data) or to your computer and then transfer the file onto your device.
  • For security reasons, I generally don't recommend downloading games from outside of Google Play and Amazon AppStore for Android.  On many uncertain and unknown sites there are a lot of malicious apps which will do you more harm than good.
  • If you don't play a specific game anymore, it's best to uninstall it. Some games (especially the free ones with ads in them) tend to overload our Android devices so there is no reason to keep them if we don't use them. Here you can learn how to uninstall Android apps or games in 2 simple ways.

  • Many free games (even the ones in the Play Store) apart from having ads installed in themselves will torment you with tons of ads displayed in the notification bar. Once you install them and use either WiFi or mobile data,  ads will be displayed non stop.  Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of these ads is by uninstalling the app responsible. 

Different Genres of Android Games

There are many different genres of games for Android. To suit all (or, at least) most of my visitors' needs, on this page I describe one or two best (in my opinion) games in each of the most popular genres.

If you want to discover more games of a specific genre as well as see my tests, screenshots, videos, go to the page specifically dedicated to it (the list of genres is below).

Quick Overview of the Most Popular Genres

Here you can see a quick overview of one or two best games of each genre. Enjoy!

Android Sports Games

Do you like sports? Do you prefer watching or doing sports? Whatever your case, you will certainly love some of the great sports games available for Android.  

Boardtastic Skateboarding 2

That's my recent discovery. Even if you aren't into skating right now, you will be when you play this game. This is a great 3D free game where you practice skateboarding to become a true pro skater. The game has amazing graphics and is highly addictive. See for yourself.

Android Games: Boardtastic Skateboarding 2
Android Games: Boardtastic Skateboarding 2

Android Racing Games

Are you already addicted to racing or you are just about to become? Some years ago we could only dream about playing a HD racing game on our phones. Now it's so possible and so much fun. Here is my favorite racing game for Android:

Sports Car Challenge

This is definitely my favorite racing game for Android. Not only is it free, but it also has stunning graphics, impressive level of detail, real-world tracks and the best sports cars. A must-have for any Android user.

Android Games: Sports Car Challenge
Android Games: Sports Car Challenge

Android Car Games

This genre is obviously a bit similar to the one above. However, here  the focus is not on speed and racing but on having fun driving different types of vehicles. The two winners in this category is Beach Buggy Blitz.

Beach Buggy Blitz

This is one my favorite Android games of all time. You drive your buggy on a tropical island, collect coins and avoid obstacles. The game offers the most stunning views and has amazing graphics. See the screenshots below if you don't believe.

Android Games: Beach Buggy Blitz
Android Games: Beach Buggy Blitz

Android Flying Games

Have you ever tried to fly using your Android device? If you haven't, it's high time to play one of the best Android flying games. The winner in this category is Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory.

Sky Gambles: Rise of Glory

The game takes place during the WWI combat, the dawn of aerial warfare. You are a pilot of the newest cutting-edge machines (you can fly 10 authentic planes from the times of WWI). Are you ready to give it a try?

Android Games: Sky Gambles: Rise of Glory
Android Games: Sky Gambles: Rise of Glory

Android Puzzle Games

This is also a very wide category with hundreds of great games. If you like solving mysteries and putting two and two together, you will be amazed by some games of this genre.  For a start, you should play World of Goo which is certainly one of the best Android puzzle games.

World of Goo

Named as the game of the year by MetaCritic, IGN, TouchArcade, Rock Paper Shotgun, GameTunnel, this stunning puzzle game amazes and fascinates.  Dive into the world of Goo Balls which don't know that they are in the game and have more fun than ever. 

Android Games: World of Goo

Android Strategy Games

Are you a born strategist? Did you used to play strategy games on your PC? If your answer is YES, then this is another great genre of Android games for you. I'm currently testing many strategy games and as of today the winner is Plants vs Zombies.

Plants vs Zombies

This is a very funny Android strategy game in which you have to soil your plants to fight upcoming waves of zombies who want to invade your home. A very addictive game with most funny graphics and sounds.

Android Games: Plants vs Zombies

Android Casino Games

Feel like going to Las Vegas? You may want to at first test yourself in one of many Android casino games. I suggest you start with Casino Master - Slot Black Jack, a great package of the most popular casino games.

Casino Master - Slot Black Jack

This is  a must-have for any newbie.  In this game you can try your hand at nine different casino games, such as, 3 Card Poker, Baccarat, Black Jack, Carribean Poker, Keno, Roulette, Sicbo, Slot Machine and Video Poker. Ready to gamble?

Android Games: Casino Master - Slot Black Jack
Casino Master - Slot Black Jack

Android Card Games

If you sometimes miss playing card games, remember that there are tons of card games for Android. Take a look at two best representatives of this genre, that is, Solitaire and Poker.


Did you use to play Solitaire on Windows? If you did, you will love that game. I thought these  times are gone. They certainly aren't! Now you can play Solitaire in HD on your mobile phone and have more fun than ever!

Android Games: Solitaire

Zynga Poker

I guess that's one of card games for Android. The game has many useful features, such as, finding tables, adding friends, giving other players gifts (a box of tissues, drinks). If you like playing poker, you will love that game.

Android Games: Zynga Poker

Android RPG Games

Are you a fan of RPG games? Well, I am and must tell you that there are many great RPG titles for Android. For now I can recommend Gangster Rio: City of Saints, probably one of the best RPG games for Android.

Gangster Rio: City of Saints

This is a very advanced game in which you can have "criminally" good fun and explore Rio de Janeiro in the best 3D graphics while completing 60 varied missions. This is a must-have for any RPG game enthusiast.

Android Games: Gangster Rio: City of Saints
Android Games: Gangster Rio: City of Saints

Android Tower Defense Games

This is the genre I've started to appreciate only recently. I was amazed by how addictive tower defense games are. I am pretty sure you will love that genre if you aren't into it yet. Here, I would suggest starting with the Jelly Defense.

Jelly Defense

Jelly Defense is one of the best Android tower defense games.   Your task is to join Jelly forces and defend them against incoming jelly invaders. This game is so much fun. You play in a unique and extremely beautiful cartoon world. I love its graphics, sounds and music.

Android Games: Jelly Defense
Android Games: Jelly Defense

Android Disney Games

Disney games are also a very wide and growing genre of Android games with many great titles. One of the best  Android Disney game you simply cannot miss is  Temple Run.

Temple Run: Brave

Temple Run: Brave is a great 3D game with will amaze you with its graphics. You will run, slide and turn through the wilderness of Scotland to escape a wild creature which wants to eat you.

Android Games: Temple Run
Android Games: Temple Run

Want to Discover More Great Android Games?

 If you want to discover even more excellent  games for Android or you are an owner of Android tablet, you should definitely check a great list of "Kindle Fire Games" where you will find cool games for the Amazon Kindle Fire.  

What Games for Android You Like Most?

I shared the list of my favorite Android games with you. Now it's your turn! This site would be useless if it was only about what I like and love.

That's why I now want you to tell me what games for Android you like, love and can't live without. You can either leave a comment in the comment box below or submit your own article where you describe your favorite games and have it published as a webpage to this site.

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