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Here you will discover some of the best  calendar apps for Android.

Are you looking for some nice  calendar apps which will let you stay organized? Do you want to find a reliable replacement for the stock calendar in your phone? No problem!

In this section, I will show you a few of the best Android calendar apps you will love. Turn your device on and get ready to discover some real pearls here!

Google Calendar

This is usually the first pick. I use this app and I think this is the best Android calendar app. Google Calendar allows you to display, add, edit and delete events from one or many Google Accounts and sync them with your Android device.  The app is very simple and intuitive. You can see some screenshots below.


Android App Calendar: Google Calendar. A nice Android calendar app.
Google Calendar


If you want something a bit more advanced than  Google Calendar, you should choose this app. This is one of the best rated Android calendar apps. It has intuitive navigation and  is highly customizable (you can edit fonts, colors, add birthdays and anniversaries with photos from your address book.)

aCalendar also shows the moon phases and zodiac signs for birthdays. It is free and there are no ads in it. You can also buy a premium version of aCalendar which has some additional features.


Android App Calendar: aCalendar. Another nice Android calendar for you.

Business Calendar

This is another noteworthy alternative to the stock calendar. Business Calendar is a complete calendar app which syncs with all your calendars (PC Sync, Tasks, Contacts, Google accounts, Facebook.) The app is very intuitive and smooth. It's enough to move your finer over a few days to open them in the multi-day view (from one to fourteen days.)

The app comes with nice configurable widgets in different sizes (3 design themes for each widget). The paid version has a few additional features.


Business Calendar. Widgets
Business Calendar. Main view

Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar promises to make viewing your calendar as easy as using Google Maps. The promise is kept. You don't have to flip between different calendar views.

All you have to do is scroll and zoom in and zoom out (like you zoom your photos). This features makes it user-friendly and comfortable. The app supports other calendars and  is highly customizable (you can use different  color schemes or adjust font size.)  


Business Calendar. Adding new task
Touch Calendar

Jorte Calendar

This is for me one of the best Android calendar apps. Generally, all of these calendar apps for Android look similar but Jorte Calendar clearly stands out when it comes to its functionality and interface. The app has many features (no other calendar app has as many features as Jorte does), and is highly customizable.

You can sync it with any calendar you want and use an in-built National Holiday Calendar. What's more you can adjust practically every aspect of it (use different themes, fonts, colors, formats and many more. If you want something more advanced but simple to use, Jorte will be the greatest choice.

Customizing Jorte Calendar
Jorte Calendar. Main view

Cozi Family Calendar & Lists

This a different kind of calendar app. Thanks to this app, you will be able to manage and organize your family life. The app comes with a calendar which can be synced with other calendars you have on your phone. But this is not only a calendar.

The app also offers you a to-do list, shopping list, and journal.  There is also a number of home screen widgets to quickly access your family calendar and lists.  You are most probably gonna love that app.

Android App Calendar: Cozi Family Calendar. A great alternative Android calendar app
Cozi Family. Settings

Pocket Informant

Are you looking for some more advanced calendar app? If you are, I recommend Pocket Informant, a great paid app. This is not only a nice-looking calendar but also an advanced GTD task list. In the app, you can swipe between moths, days,  weeks, agenda, task s and contact views.

 Pocket Informat proves that combining agenda, tasks and calendar together can really help your productivity and organization.

Android App Calendar: Pocket Informant.

Do You Like These Android Calendar Apps?

Do you know these apps? Which ones have you used? What are your thoughts? Do you think that something should be added to the list? 

Let me know what you think. You can either leave a comment in the comment box below or submit your own Android story and have it published as a webpage to this site.

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