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Hello and welcome to InLoveWithAndroid.Com, the most friendly Android website on the web!

I am Olga and I am the creator of this website. Thanks for visiting my site!

To cut a long story short, this is a website which deals with everything that has to do with Android, that is, Android apps, Android games, Android phones and Android tablets. This site is also the source practical Android tricks and tips and solutions to the most common problems with Android.

Who Is InLoveWithAndroid.Com for?

This is an indispensable source for anyone who uses, loves, likes or is planning to use Android.This site will be especially helpful for: 

  • these who want to improve their lives using some brilliant Android apps 
  • these who want to discover the best mobile games
  • these who are planning on buying their Android device
  • proud owners of Android devices
  • these who want to discover great games for Android, Android apps and learn a few tips and tricks
  • these who are looking for solutions to common problems with their Android devices

Everyone will find something interesting here.

InLoveWithAndroid.Com on my phone!

A 2-in-1 Site

This is both an informational and community site. I provide the information and you (my lovely visitors) build the community! 

What Does This Site Offer to You?

Thanks to InLoveWithAndroid.com, you can fully experience Android and make the best use of it enhancing literally each aspect of your daily life. These are just a few things you will discover here:

How Can You Contribute to This Site?

This site would be nothing without you, my visitor. You can participate in the life of this site and contribute to it in many ways. To name just a few:

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