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Welcome to the friendliest Android blog on earth. Get ready to discover the potential of your Android device and learn how to turn it into an all-in-one learning, business and what-not center. 

Are you in love with Android?

The stats are devastating.

An average Android phone or tablet owner uses only about 5% of their device's potential without knowing that their Android device can help them improve nearly every aspect of their life. 

Having that in mind, I created this Android blog to show you how to use your Android phone to the fullest.

You will be amazed at what your device is capable of and how dramatically it can enhance your daily life (and life of your kids, friends, spouse). So let's see...

How Would You Like Android To Enhance Your Life?

Would you like to better organize your day with a few productivity apps and have more time for your family and friends?  

Entertain yourself and your kids with the  best 3D games?

Play a practical joke on your friends which they will never forget?

Or maybe you want to widen your horizons on your way to work or learn how to keep fit and enjoy good health?

The possibilities are endless. Yes, you can do all of that and much more just with your Android device in hand. And I'm here to show you how.  Are you ready to join thousands of delighted visitors of this site?

So What's This Android Blog All About?

Are you in love with Android?
  • a personal perspective of an Android geek (me!)
  • a unique selection of the best Android apps and games together with detailed descriptions and screenshots 
  • tips and techniques which WORK
  • solutions to the most often problems 
  • news from the world of Android so you can be always up to date
  • info center about Android phones and tablets 
  • place where you will find the best deals 
  • free GIFTS for my subscribers

Android Apps!

Android Apps

Do you want to turn your device into a professional scanner?

How about turning it into a professional camera or... your personal sports trainer?

Maybe you just need some assistance in setting goals and achieving them?

You can do all of that and much more thanks to thousands of brilliant apps available for Android.

In the section Apps! you will discover only the best apps. For your convenience, the section is divided into three categories.

In Apps for Android you will discover all kinds of apps useful in every area of life. Top Android Apps contains your favorite apps only. If you are on a budget, Free Apps for Android is the section for you where you will also find many pearls. 

Are you a Fire phone user? I've got something great for you!  You probably know that Fire OS is Android-based, so most of Android apps work just great on Fire phone. Here is a great website about Fire phone and apps for Fire phone and a website with apps & games for Kindle Fire.


Android Games

Why not turn your device into an entertainment center for you and your whole family? Are you a fan of strategy, RPG or adventure games?

Wouldn't you like to discover different genres of games and play them on your beloved Android device? 

This is when Games! section comes in very useful. I'm a great fan of games (both mobile and non-mobile) and this section is the product of months of my work and hours of gameplay. 

In Android Games you will discover different genres of Android games together with the best representatives of each. If you are on a budget, then you will love Free Games for Android. And if you want to see other people's favorites, don't miss Top Android Games


Android Tips and Tricks

Are you wondering how to protect your device against unauthorized use?  Would you like to speed up your phone a little bit? Is your device misbehaving and you don't know why? 

You will learn all about it and much more in the Info! section where you will discover Android Tips and Tricks and find solutions to the most common Android Problems.

Don't Miss a Thing!

This site is updated on a daily basis. I constantly add new articles, tips & tricks and review new cool apps and games.

Whenever something interesting appears (app, game, phone, great deal), my visitors are the first to know. You can find Android Blog InLoveWithAndroid.Com at: 

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So how can you contribute to this site?

  • On every page of this site there is a comment box where you can share what you think. Don't hesitate to leave a comment or ask. I'll be so happy to hear from you. 

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